FastStart Students at Desks Two

About FastStart


FastStart is a summer commuter program that consists of daily classes in pre-calculus, biology, and chemistry, the main foundations of the science curriculum. Most of the material will be new to students, but some topics may also be a review of topics learned in high school.

Throughout the program, there are multiple scheduled group study sessions and tutorials. Other specialized activities include research lab visits, visits to local healthcare facilities, health disparities seminars, and physician mentor activities that can guide students on how to move forward in their competitive fields. Students will meet doctors, residents and other health professionals and will be introduced to a variety of campus resources and academic enrichment programs.

Program Goals

FastStart gives new material to students and prepares them for the rigor of a college curriculum. In addition, students will learn more about successfully transitioning into the university life with workshops on study skills, financial aid, and professional development.

Past activities include student panels with FastStart and Medical Scholars Program (MSP) alumni, faculty and medical student presentations, introductions to pre-health and health disparities, and tours of the UCR School of Medicine.

What to Expect

  • Daily classes in pre-calculus, biology and chemistry.
  • Study sessions and tutorials, study skills workshops, and introduction to academic resources.
  • Health-related activities with UCR School of Medicine students, staff, faculty and physicians.
  • Social activities with other FastStart participants.
  • Workshops on UCR pre-health resources.

Benefits of FastStart

FastStart sets the stage for the first two years of undergraduate studies and gives the opportunity to create bonds with peers who have similar interests and aspirations.

Students are introduced to a variety of on-campus resources and programs and meet faculty, staff, and physicians who can provide a networking advantage during their undergraduate career.

Those who perform well in FastStart receive priority consideration when applying to the Medical Scholars Program, another program sponsored by the UCR School of Medicine that is geared towards disadvantaged students entering medical school and other health science related careers.

Is the FastStart Program Right for You?

Read some statements from some of our past participants to help you decide.

"I loved that I met new people and that I was able to bond with them. I also liked how there were ample opportunities for us to interact with all the staff and RA's and get information about the program."


"Every student entering college for the first time should participate in a program like FastStart. It will help you understand college life, and you will not feel lost when school starts in the fall."

"The hospital visit was very insightful.  It was interesting to shadow a doctor. I had the chance to travel with my doctor as she had her appointments with her patients. It was cool to see what a doctor does behind the scenes and what actually goes on in a hospital setting."

"I never had confidence in myself or really believed that I can achieve anything but this program has taught me differently."